St Luke's Anglican Church Toowoomba was constructed at various stages between 1897 and 1959.

The first Anglican service took place at Drayton in 1848 by Reverend Benjamin Glennie.

1852 saw the first Anglican service take place in what was then known as the Swamp and what would eventually become Toowoomba proper.

Recognizing the significance of the area, Reverend Benjamin Glennie decided to acquire the land on which the present day St. Luke's is built for £8.4 shillings in 1854.

Originally, a timbre slab building that was built on the site in 1857. Design of the existing church was by architect John Hingesten Buckenridge and is of Gothic revival style with the main material used in the construction being bluestone.

Listing on the Queensland Heritage Register took place on the 28th July 2000.

Address: 152 Herries St, Toowoomba City
Heritage Listed: QLD Heritage Register 28th July 2000

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