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  1. The 30-year-old woman was taken into custody after police were called to rescue a child left unattended in a Toowoomba shopping centre car park.
  2. A Queensland law firm director has defended comments he made about the financial impact of new domestic violence leave laws on small business owners.
  3. Bonza promises cheap airfares and new routes but how sustainable is their business model? 
  4. No let-up forecast for days as Brisbane swelters thorough stifling overnight humidity. 
  5. Newcomer Bonza hopes to launch its Melbourne base within weeks after successfully flying its first passenger flight on Tuesday.
  6. Many parents are wondering how to afford the essentials their kids need as students return to the playground. Here are some tips from mums and experts on how to rein in the spend.
  7. The Queensland government grants¬†$370 million to construct¬†a pipeline connecting two towns via Wivenhoe Dam, but it will not extend as far as¬†Stanthorpe ‚ÄĒ a town that had to truck in drinking water for 15 months.
  8. Comments by Cattle Australia chair David Foote about women's role in the industry being at "every kitchen table" have renewed calls for gender diversity on agricultural boards.
  9. This small rural town will lose most of its free-to-air TV services today when the local transmission tower is switched off. Local residents say the closure will "cut them off from the world".
  10. Jake Pearce, Katy Tattam and their one-year-old daughter Charlie died on Tuesday when their car collided with two trucks on Queensland's Darling Downs.
  11. The science behind carcase competitions directly influences the quality of meat produced in Australia and plays a role in developing the next generation of experts.
  12. A man, woman and one-year-old child have been killed in a multi-vehicle crash west of Toowoomba on the Darling Downs.
  13. Mobile phone towers are locked to specific telecommunication providers, but mandatory roaming advocates say unlocking them is a simple process that will have big benefits for rural communities.
  14. Environmental groups are planning fresh legal action against the New Acland Coal mine, arguing a permit obtained by the mine is "a licence to take or interfere with water".
  15. Queensland's fourth year of living with COVID-19 begins today ‚Äď marking the anniversary of the first time the state's then Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young warned the public of a novel coronavirus emerging out of China.
  16. Farmers and consumers are waiting to see how a global fertiliser price drop will impact their bottom lines and grocery budgets.
  17. Fears for the welfare of two boys charged over a shooting incident which sent streets of a small town into lockdown have been aired in court.
  18. COVID-19 will continue to place significant pressure on Queensland's health system in 2023 with more waves predicted throughout the year, the state's Chief Health Officer John Gerrard says.
  19. Police say early intervention strategies are key to breaking the cycle of youth offending, after arresting three teens who allegedly led officers on a day-long pursuit involving a police helicopter.
  20. Hundreds of light years away, the hot Jupiter exoplanet has temperatures high enough to melt silver and is orbiting its sun in the length of a working week.
  21. Built-up fuel, lack of rain, and soaring temperatures have Southern Queensland firefighters on alert.
  22. This year, 180,000 fee-free TAFE places are on offer for courses related to industries with recognised skills shortages such as agriculture.
  23. The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, did not appear in Toowoomba Magistrates Court, west of Brisbane, when two counts of rape were mentioned for the first time.
  24. Three wet summers¬†have changed many farmers' fortunes. But those with¬†experience ‚ÄĒ along with scientists and accountants ‚ÄĒ say now is¬†the time¬†to talk¬†about drought.
  25. Anyone can buy the herbicide 2,4-D‚ÄĮfrom a shop, but its misuse may have caused millions of dollars worth of damage to cotton crops,¬†prompting¬†calls for¬†more controls.

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