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  1. A report commissioned by an environmental group claims gas extraction in Queensland's Lake Eyre Basin will cost millions, but proponents say the fossil fuel has an important role in Australia's transition to renewable energy.
  2. Hobby historians with a hunch uncover a long-forgotten Queensland outback town once home to 500 people and eight to 10 pubs.
  3. It was meant to take a little over a week in the post, but three-year-old Beau's fruitcake ended up going on a month-long tour of eastern Australia.
  4. Move over adorable puppies, there's a new pet moving in on the lucrative companion market and attracting big dollars from keen owners. Meet the freshwater dwarf shrimp. 
  5. Regional roads are in a bad state and they're about to get worse, with motorists warned the large number of trucks sent to collect a bumper harvest could see conditions deteriorate.
  6. In a strong start to spring sales, graziers are snapping up bulls for record prices as the industry enjoys optimal conditions and high confidence.
  7. Members of the public reported the suspected illegal sale of the nicotine products to police and Queensland Health amid a state-wide crackdown.
  8. John Theodosis is one of thousands of Australians at serious risk after the Optus data breach. As the company and officials scramble to safeguard the victims, we ask how their information could be used.
  9. In outback Australia, years of drought have left many rural properties "flogged out" or degraded, but experts say they are now set to skyrocket in value due to their carbon farming potential.
  10. An already wet September is set to end with another soaking for many regional Queenslanders, as a band of storms sweeps across much of the state bringing hail, wind and rainfall. 
  11. Keen fishers are getting their "catch of a lifetime" at Warwick's Leslie Dam with breeding efforts during the drought paving the way for metre-long Murray cod.
  12. Locally grown fruit blended with vinegar is taking off as an alternative to alcohol and providing an extra source of income for producers in Queensland's Granite Belt region.
  13. Swarms of European honey bees are taking over trees, outdoor patios, children's play equipment and letterboxes as they migrate for spring in wetter, warmer weather.  
  14. In it's 100th year, on the brink of closure, an outback town rallied to keep its women's advocacy organisation going. 
  15. A deal to launch rockets from Toowoomba's Wellcamp Airport could give Virgin Orbit a new advantage in the billionaire space race, but others have written the move off as a marketing gimmick.
  16. A regional Queensland airport is set to become the third Virgin Orbit site in the world to launch satellites into space within the next two years.
  17. Toowoomba Magistrates Court has heard further details on the number of police involved in the "unprecedented" police operation into the death of Elizabeth Struhs.
  18. Southern Queensland cattle farmer Georgie Somerset keeps the top job, defeating Will Wilson to lead Queensland's peak rural lobby group AgForce. 
  19. A man in his 30s has died after his crop duster plane lost altitude before crash-landing in a paddock.
  20. Millions of bulbs are in full bloom for Toowoomba's annual carnival of flowers, and traditional floral parade, which has previously struggled through years of drought. Georgie Hewson reports.
  21. With its $60,000 double-glazed windows, this home will be one of Australia's newest passive houses, maintaining a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius.
  22. There is new hope in the fight against exotic pest fall armyworm, which has marched across parts of Australia since 2020, as cooler and wetter weather gives farmers a natural advantage.
  23. Australia's garden city is in full bloom after an unusually cold and wet winter, and gardeners say dealing with La Ni√Īa¬†is much more preferable to the drought years.
  24. Routes are out, the first cabin crew has been trained, the first plane named, an app-based booking system set up and the uniforms unveiled. All Bonza needs now is the green light. 
  25. You could soon be paying more for a bottle of milk after a massive shortfall in production across Australia. Meanwhile, local dairy farmers are leaving the industry in droves.

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