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  1. According to a witness, Kaydence Mills’ life was full of physical and psychological abuse. Her remains were found near Chinchilla Weir in 2020, three years after the alleged murder.
  2. A slur caught on video at a Darling Downs rugby league game has bought casual racism to the front of grassroots sport, showing more education is needed to address the ongoing issue.  
  3. A racial slur was heard during a video of a local rugby league match.
  4. A woman accused of murdering her daughter allegedly threw the little girl's belongings out and told people the toddler was living with an aunt before her remains were found near a weir, a court has heard.
  5. Advocates of a $1 billion expansion of Senex Energy's Surat Basin gas development say the "mostly domestic" supply will reduce energy prices in coming years, but not everybody is convinced.
  6. Federal Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen says the deal will increase renewable supplies to the east coast and put "downward pressure" on energy prices.
  7. Rocky and Cooper have four legs, a wagging tail and a strong sense of smell, which is helping to save Australia’s growing list of threatened species.
  8. She has seen friends come and go over the past decades, but for Lottie, some things never change.
  9. How do you choose your chocolate — is it decided by your taste buds? Or maybe your wallet? Just how ethical has the journey from farm to supermarket shelf been?
  10. A telehealth trial that enabled Sally Hughes to avoid waiting hours in an emergency department as her baby suffered cold and flu symptoms is up for review.
  11. A Queensland Cup cult hero known as "The Kangaroo Catcher" has passed away at just 28 years of age after a car crash. WARNING: Readers are advised that this story contains the name and images of an Indigenous sportsman who has died.
  12. Rocky and Cooper are conservation dogs that track the scent of identified pest animals and help establish native animal population densities so  targeted control methods can be applied.
  13. Police say more than 15,000 plants have been seized and destroyed following a large-scale investigation. The men have been remanded in custody to reappear in Murgon Magistrates Court later this month.
  14. Police have charged seven men with drug offences and seized close to $40 million of cannabis following an investigation into commercial-scale unlawful cannabis production in the South West region.
  15. The sky-watching world was thrown into a spin this week with multiple reports of space debris falling onto Australian farm and researchers say as more satellites go up, it Is only logical more will come down.
  16. Has the Commonwealth Games inspired you to dust off the joggers? Here's what you need to know before getting back into sport after having COVID-19.
  17. There's no doubt having a baby is a life-changing event and while it's well known many mothers struggle with depression or anxiety, so can fathers.
  18. Queensland farmers are getting ready for more rain over spring after the declaration of a key weather event.
  19. Just $15 a week is all that stands between a secure home and homelessness for one family in a southern Queensland regional city.
  20. Thick fog has blanketed Brisbane for the second time this week with patches spreading along the Queensland coast as far north as Townsville.
  21. Demand for food bearing labels such as 'organic' or 'sustainable' is soaring, but some farmers are questioning if the name is worth the pain.
  22. The Reserve Bank of Australia has once again raised interest rates for the fourth consecutive month, but this Longreach 20-something has no plans to miss out on life.
  23. Fire ants can form a raft to move along waterways and there are concerns they may have spread during record floods in southern Queensland, but the Agriculture Minister says the floodwater was moving too fast for this to happen.
  24. The latest release of 2021 Census data reveals some of the key changes, from how many people now own their own home to who they are living with.
  25. The Deputy Premier has come under pressure to justify the $220 million spend on the mothballed Wellcamp COVID-19 quarantine facility near Toowoomba.

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