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  1. One by one, Queensland maternity wards have been closing. A roundtable hopes to fix the problem as the state government announces new funding to encourage midwifery and nursing students to the regions.
  2. From the power struggles within a wealthy family's media empire, to "the opposite of toxic masculinity", what does the popularity of Succession and Ted Lasso say about us — and what are we all going to watch next?
  3. From gun-slinging stand-offs to scorched testicles, the surviving half of the Leyland Brothers has plenty of stories left to tell.
  4. The real estate rollercoaster continues as research shows house prices have been rising again throughout Queensland over the past three months.
  5. A woman said she felt uncomfortable leaving the gym on her own at night after a Queensland councillor took several non-consensual photos of her.
  6. A 22-year-old man has died in hospital after the car he was in was allegedly rammed and crashed at Kogan in southern Queensland.
  7. The Queensland Human Rights Commissioner says the rental crisis is impacting those from diverse backgrounds disproportionately.
  8. After surviving drought, floods and the dollar-a-litre years, dairy farmers say they have been blindsided by a drop in farmgate prices just when things were finally looking up. 
  9. A police officer involved in the arrest of an Indigenous Queensland man told his colleague to "choke this c**t out" shortly before he died, a court hears.
  10. Large swathes of the country are set to shiver through freezing conditions this weekend, with morning frost forecast across nearly every state and territory.
  11. Back in the 60s and 70s, Jim Nairn was known across much of Europe as James Royal — a blue-eyed soul-singing dynamo whose howl was his ticket to work with some of music's biggest stars.
  12. Steeper fines imposed last July have boosted the revenue haul from Queensland road cameras by nearly 70 per cent this financial year.
  13. Five police officers were hurt in the incident involving an allegedly stolen truck, with one officer still in hospital in a stable condition.
  14. Queensland man charged with attempted murder after allegedly ramming police in stolen truck.
  15. Police allege two detectives were trapped between the truck and a police car before being thrown across the bonnet and onto the road.
  16. Four police officers have been injured while trying to stop an allegedly stolen truck on the Darling Downs in Queensland. Two were seriously hurt.
  17. Weather experts warn Queenslanders to keep their woollies close with temperatures about to drop this weekend, ahead of a warmer, drier winter on the cards with an El Niño imminent.
  18. Racehorse End Assembly returned a positive test for having cocaine in its system during a post-race test in Brisbane in December.
  19. A Queensland District Court rules in favour of Aussie Helpers founder Nerida Egan over defamatory comments made on Facebook in 2018.
  20. The woman was believed to be riding in a group in Queensland's Southern Downs when the mob of kangaroos jumped onto the road. 
  21. It's called the biggest little show on Earth, and Bluey has taken Toowoomba's Chris White across the world, performing on iconic stages as a puppeteer in the stage show.
  22. Kelly-Ann May Sinclair — who helped arrange the disposal of her overdosed friend Blake Riley's body at Preston in Queensland — will spend at least six months in prison for interfering with a corpse.
  23. Just when the controversial New Acland mine expansion seemed all but complete, an eleventh-hour legal bid aims to stop it in its tracks.
  24. Some areas have received a month's worth of rain overnight, while Tuesday morning commuters on the M1 have been delayed by flash flooding on the Gold Coast.
  25. The money will be spent upgrading thousands of faulty or outdated flood gauges, which have left communities unprepared during natural disasters. 

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