Toowoomba News

  1. Queensland records one new COVID-19 case in hotel quarantine as authorities remain on high alert after the northern New South Wales region recorded a positive case yesterday. NSW authorities have placed the Byron, Kempsey and Tweed local government areas into lockdown.
  2. Central Queensland will host the first carbon credit project under the state government's Land Restoration Fund, but what's in it for landholders?
  3. Just over 10 years ago, a group of farmers and environmentalists gathered in front of Queensland's Parliament House in Brisbane to campaign against what they saw as the expansion of coal and gas development at the expense of Australian agriculture.
  4. Initial investigations indicate a person had been infectious in the Byron, Ballina and Tweed areas between September 18 and 20.
  5. From fertility concerns to low regional transmission rates, experts answer five key concerns of unvaccinated Queenslanders, as the state retains a firm grip on last place in the race to get COVID jabs in the arms of Australians.   
  6. There are no new locally acquired COVID-19 cases recorded in Queensland as people turn out in large numbers to get vaccinated at walk-in hubs.
  7. Primary school pupils around Australia are turning to dial-a-farmer to get answers to some of nature's burning questions.
  8. A piece of silver tape, costing just a few dollars from the local hardware store, has become the latest accessory for magpie-wary cyclists in south-east Queensland.
  9. Move aside parsley, there's a new garnish in town and it looks and smells a lot prettier ‚ÄĒ as Toowoomba pastry chef Katy Woods demonstrates.
  10. Tarlea Apelt will take the wheel in the big league in the Thunder on the Downs Sprintcar classic.
  11. One new locally acquired case of COVID-19 has been recorded in Queensland, as high numbers of people gathered at vaccination hubs for Saturday's major vaccination drive.
  12. Just over 10 years ago, a group of farmers and environmentalists gathered around a rusty gate in front of Queensland's Parliament. What happened to the gate that started it all?  
  13. A Queensland farming family has switched from tomatoes to pansies and violets as demand for edible flowers grows.
  14. A Queensland mayor labels a days-long delay in COVID-19 testing results for interstate truck drivers as "unacceptable" as the Transport Workers Union calls for rapid testing to resolve the "chaos" on the border.
  15. Inner city cottage garden named Carnival's best for 2021
  16. Queensland has recorded one new locally acquired case of COVID-19 as authorities announce the state will reinstate border restrictions with the New South Wales council area of Glen Innes Severn.
  17. Just when you thought things were getting worse for Australian agriculture, the industry is now predicting a record year of production. How has this happened? 
  18. Thousands of residents in the New South Wales border zone are not being monitored via sewage testing for COVID-19 infections due to their use of home septic tank systems.
  19. Bird scarer tape being used to deter magpies from attacking cyclists.
  20. Cherbourg elder Uncle Bevan Costello is being remembered as proud Wakka Wakka man and his tireless efforts for positive change in his community.
  21. The last few months of school should be memorable, but Queensland boarding student Aryan Machiah will probably only experience them through a screen.
  22. Musician Michael Dutton is still paying off $1,500 in charges after he drove to Brisbane to play gigs three years ago. His debt is among more than 778,000 toll debts the fines registry is trying to claw back.