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  1. Vulnerable Toowoomba flood victims who lost most of their belongings have been given a fresh start with near-new furniture previously used for real estate advertisements.
  2. When one of the LNP's safest seats in the country suffers the biggest swing against a sitting LNP member, you know the times are changing in Queensland.
  3. Meet the Australian farmers who have battled for years for action on climate change, keen to work with Greens and Labor.
  4. Burning loo rolls and life-saving missions can be all in a night's work for an essential service that is struggling to attract applicants as the travel industry and big airlines recruit more pilots.
  5. An incoming trough system appears set to bring increasing rainfall over parts of south-east Queensland, while a risk of flash flooding remains across coastal regions over coming days.
  6. A history of "evangelical piety" and a modern religious split could see one of the safest Coalition seats in the country finally forced to go to preferences.
  7. The bureau says widespread rain is expected in central and South East Queensland and warns the falls could cause flooding in the Mary River Catchment and the upper creeks of the lower Brisbane River.
  8. If you are still undecided and wondering what the candidates in the seat of Wright are offering, we've got you covered.
  9. Five men faced court this morning after police raided two properties in the Lockyer Valley.
  10. Five people have been charged with drug offences, after detectives seized cannabis plantations worth an estimated street value of $1.7 million from two rural properties in the Lockyer Valley, west of Brisbane yesterday.
  11. Young people are returning or remaining in the small towns they have always called home. But a life on the land is not as easy as turning up and settling in.
  12. The southern Queensland seat of Groom has only ever been held by male conservatives. In this federal election, four women and a non-binary candidate are making waves in conservative heartland.
  13. Experts say there has been a "noticeable drop in emphasis" on regional Queensland during the 2022 campaign as major parties focus on other electorates.
  14. Kids in regional Queensland are less protected against COVID-19 than children almost anywhere else in the country.
  15. South-east Queensland is bracing for another day of heavy rain and possible flash flooding as the Bureau of Meteorology warns the weather system that was predicted to dissipate will dump more rain over saturated areas.
  16. More than a dozen emergency alerts have been issued across Queensland, from the North Burnett to the NSW border, as a severe trough that dumped heavy rain on the state's north and west this week moves south. Look back at the day's live coverage.
  17. Parts of Queensland's Gympie region are facing inundation for the second time in recent months as the Mary River is expected to reach its peak amid the state's "evolving" weather event.
  18. Several south-east Queensland communities are on flood alert after days of heavy rain, with Gympie bracing for six-hourly falls of up to 160 millimetres early Friday and into the evening. 
  19. Once a must-do event for rural singles, the country Bachelors and Spinsters ball is succumbing to a slow death with fewer than 20 on the calendar each year.
  20. If you are still undecided and wondering what the candidates in the seat of Groom are offering, we've got you covered.
  21. One man is on the run and another is in hospital after a dramatic shootout in Toowoomba, where officers were allegedly sprayed with a "hail of bullets", the Queensland police union says.
  22. An average price tag of $970 per year to play sport may see kids forced to the sidelines while parents try to tackle the rising cost of living. 
  23. Parts of Queensland are facing another severe weather event, with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk urging residents to prepare for "incredibly heavy rainfalls" over the coming days.
  24. Shots are fired at a police car in a dramatic incident involving a suspected stolen vehicle in Toowoomba, with one of the alleged offenders later turning up at hospital with injuries consistent with a gunshot wound.
  25. Odessa the labradoodle is far from your average lovable puppy. She is cute and cuddly, but she has a very important job to do.

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