Toowoomba's first courthouse is known as the Old Toowoomba court house and is located at 90 Margaret St in East Toowoomba. Built between 1861 and 1864 this is also the location of the former Toowoomba Gaol.

Heritage listing of the Old Toowoomba Court house and Gaol wall - the only part of the original Gaol that remains (which faces Sterling St) took place on 30 June 2001 (Queensland Heritage Register).

Toowoomba's second courthouse is located at 46 Neil Street, Toowoomba (corner of Margaret and Neil St).

First stage of construction of the building commenced in 1876 and was completed in 1878. Over the proceeding decades additional buildings would be built on the site as well as extensions to the original building.

Replacing a smaller building first built on the same site in 1876, the Toowoomba Court which is of a 'Classicism' style was designed by architect FDG Stanley and built in stages.

Building materials used for the construction included sandstone quarried from Highfields.

Heritage listing took place on 21st October 1992

In 1979 the Toowoomba court relocated to a new purpose-built present day courthouse on Hume Street which cost $2.2 million dollars.

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