Concordia College Administration Building

Concordia College Administration building is also known as Redlands and was designed by architect James Marks and built in 1889 by Henry Andrews for notable Toowoomba figure Edmund Wilcox, who was a merchant.

Sold in 1919 by Mr Wilcox, and several time thereafter until it was purchased by the Lutheran Church for use by the Concordia College - a co-education boarding school owned by the church.

Comprising two stories, the building has a blue stone foundation and built of brick. It is purported the building still has its original corrugated iron roof. Surrounded with a formal garden and pine tree lined avenue leading up to the residence.

Having being used for different purposes since its purchase, the building is currently being used by the college as an administration building for the school.

Address: 154 Stephen Street, Harristown Q. 4350
Heritage Listed: 21st October 1992

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