Queens Park is located in the suburb of East Toowoomba and is  the cities premier park. Land for the park was officially allocated in 1871. The parks first curator was Edward Way from 1874, and the parks second curator was Richard Ross Harding from 1883-1917. The park as it is today was heritage listed by the state of Queensland in 2001 and is primarily formed of three distinct sections, namely Queens Park Botanic Gardens, The Vera Lacaze Memorial Park and The greater park area.

Queens Park Botanic Gardens which has a memorial for Alfred Thomas who had a premier role in the progression of the rail network in the Toowoomba area, there is also a naval cannon which was used for training purposes by the Queensland Marine Defence forces which was donated to the citizens of Toowoomba in 1911.

Other features of the Botanic Gardens section of the park include a memorial for Emma Miller who was an advocate for worthwhile causes, large columns donated to the city by the NAB in 1987 and also a stone entrance arch.

The Vera Lacaze Memorial Park section stands in honor of the first female alderman of the Toowoomba City Council. Features in this section of the park include a water fountain, a bridge over east creek, walkways and picnic facilities.

The greater park area which is between the Botanic Gardens and the Vera Lacaze Memorial park has many highlights including the Godsall Street Ovals, a playground area on the corner of Lindsay and Margaret Streets, the Avenue of trees made up of Camphor Laurel, a memorial to William Charles Peak who was a prominent Toowoomba business man who contributed to the growth of the Toowoomba region.

The greater park area also has a  Buffalo-Springfield Steamroller that was was purchased by the Toowoomba City Council in 1937 and remained in use until it was retired in 1956.  Remnants of the diagonally planted Cypress Avenue still exist, which are natives of the Central coast of California.

Frog’s Hollow – grassed ovals on the corner of Hume and Margaret Streets is a venue for large community events. This is first spot in Toowoomba where Alford family on their way to Drayton came into contact with Aboriginal Australians in 1842.

Address: 43-79 Lindsay Street, East Toowoomba

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