The Picnic Point Lookout and parkland is situated on the eastern edge of town in the suburb of Rangeville. The parkland reserve encompasses an area of 65 hectares (approx. 650,000 square meters) with panoramic views of Table Top mountain and the Lockyer Valley.

Originally, when the reserve was established in 1885, 15 hectares (150,000 square meters) was allocated by William Henry Groome (Toowoomba’s first mayor) as a location of prominent significance in Toowoomba.

The lookout really puts into perspective the true extent of Toowoomba’s elevation and is the highest point on the parkland area. The area has several lookouts including the Bill Goulds Lookout – established by Lions Club of Toowoomba West in 1991 and dedicated to Lions Club member Bill Goulds.

Some of the significant features of Picnic Point include parkland (Tobruk Drive Park, Lions Park, Heller Street Park), Picnic Point Square (which has a 150 foot flag pole with the Australian flag, to celebrate the 150th birthday of Queensland) and landscaped garden areas.

There is an artificial waterfall and garden area in Lions Park (which is popular for wedding ceremonies, there is a kiosk/café and and function centre and the Picnic Point Bushland reserve area popular for its bush walking trails. Several picnic areas are available.

Picnic point also has a water tower which was opened in 1963. It is know locally as ‘the mushroom’ due to its design resembling that of a mushroom. It is approximately 15 meters in height.

There is also the Puppy Memorial – dedicated to the mascot of the Toowoomba Thistle Pipe Band. 'Puppy', as he was known, died unfortunately in 1958 when he was run over by a car.

Picnic Point became heritage listed on the 13th November of 2008 on the Queensland Heritage Register.

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