Laurel Bank Park is located along Hill Street only a short distance from the heart of Toowoomba’s CBD.

It’s a sanctuary close to town that allows people to take a time out and admire the beauty that Toowoomba has to offer.

The parkland on a 4.5 hectare site, was originally owned by Samuel George Stephens (known to the locals as the “Man of Flowers”) had designed the original layout of the garden himself. Mr Stephens graciously donated the park to the people of Toowoomba in 1932 and requested that council be care taker.

The park has many facilities including a children’s play area, barbecue facilities, picnic area, a croquet lawn (the only sporting activity allowed within the park) and there is also a viewing platform to allow the full glory of the parks floral gardens to be admired from an elevated perspective.

The park has a scented gardens area which also includes the Yellow Jacaranda. There are many fully developed exotic trees in the park including the English Oak and Lithocarpus trees.

Laurel Bank Park Hall, located within the park along Hill Street was constructed during WWII as a mess hall (a room or building where soldiers eat together, mess – meaning a quantity of food) for US Naval personnel. The buildings nowadays is used by the community as a meeting hall.

The parkland is a popular for social activities including wedding ceremonies and photos

The official council web page for the Laurel Bank Park.

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