Health Care Facilities

Toowoomba boasts a comprehensive range of health and allied community services which, as well as providing an essential service to the community, forms an important element of the local economy.

Extensive health facilities include three hospitals (two of them private), a stand-alone surgical centre and an inpatient mental health facility. These hospitals provide the community with approximately 500 beds, 10 operating theatres and four day surgeries. In addition to this, Toowoomba is home to around 60 specialists with others visiting from Brisbane.

For more information about Toowoomba's hospitals, please visit the relevant websites: St Andrew's Hospital, St Vincent's Hospital, Queensland Health (Toowoomba Base Hospital & Baillie Henderson) or Toowoomba's Surgicentre.

As would be expected in a region of this size, many community based organisations provide a variety of services to the aged, infirm and disabled. The Toowoomba Hospice provides palliative care for the terminally ill and their families.

Healthy Activities

Toowoomba offers every opportunity for the sports lover, so no matter what your passion, age or level of fitness there is plenty of scope for those keen to achieve balance in their lifestyle.

With an abundance of playing fields, indoor arenas, aquatic facilities, clubs and associations, Toowoomba offers plenty of opportunities to partake in a variety of sporting and leisurely activities.

For more information about recreational and sporting activities that Toowoomba has to offer, visit the Toowoomba Regional Council website.
Alternatively, for more information about Toowoomba's parks, bush walks and cycle ways, please visit the Local Environment section.

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