The need for another high school in the Toowoomba area first became apparent when the other public high school, Toowoomba State High School was full. In 1953 land was acquired for another High School in the Harristown area, and the first building (B Block) was completed in 1954 prior to the school opening in 1955.

The school complex includes seven buildings of significance, initially constructed during 1954–61, which are listed on the Queensland Heritage Register. Harristown State High School has a long history of academic and sporting excellence.

The school's vision is ariticlutated by the acronym PRIDE: Participation, Relationships, Integrity, Diligence, Enthusiasm and its priorities by the acronym WELL: Wellness, Engagement, Literacy and Learning. The school currently has approximately 1700 students and is the largest on the Darling Downs.

Address: 341–367 South Street, Harristown QLD
Heritage Listed: 19th August 2016

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