Drayton and Toowoomba cemetery was surveyed in May 1850, making it one of the earliest cemeteries in Queensland, and has an area of approximately 30 hectares (74 acres).

Originally, the cemetery was managed and maintained by government appointed trustees, but was later passed to council in 1974 after much neglect.

There are over 40,000 burials including prominent Toowoomba profiles such as first Toowoomba mayor and member of parliament William Henry Groom, poet George Essex Evans, politician James Taylor (king of Toowoomba), as well as Toowoomba pioneers Thomas & Elizabeth Alford.

The cemetery was extended between 1870-1873, as well as 1957. 1987 saw a transfer of 12.62 hectares to the Toowoomba Council for cemetery purposes.

Heritage listing took place in August 2009

Address: Corner of South Street and Anzac Avenue, Harristown, Queensland, Australia

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