As the hub of the Darling Downs, servicing a population of 250,000, Toowoomba lies at the convergence of an extensive rail and road network that links directly to the national ports of Brisbane, Sydney and Gladstone.

From the southern states, three major highways feed into the region:

  • The New England Highway – Sydney (926km)
  • The Newell Highway – Canberra (1,129km) Melbourne (1,543km)
  • The Warrego Highway - East to Brisbane (125km) Northwest to Darwin (3,305kms)

A proposed second range crossing will reroute trucks to the 110 km/hr bypass road on this main inland route between Sydney and Brisbane. This bypass will join the Warrego Highway at the Charlton Wellcamp site.

Regional expectations are that this project will be completed prior to 2010. For more information about this project please visit Toowoomba Bypass Planning Project


Currently Toowoomba’s rail lines connect the city to major points of overseas export – including Brisbane and other interior South-West areas of Queensland. For more information on Queensland Rail services please visit

The proposed high speed rail link between Melbourne and Darwin would pass through Toowoomba. The intention is to also use this corridor for a natural gas pipeline, delivering Timor Sea gas to southern states.

Should this project go ahead, it will further enhance the city’s image as a freight and transport terminal.


Toowoomba’s airport has the operating capacity for aircraft up to Dash 8 or equivalent. Excellent door-to-door coach services operate daily to Brisbane's domestic and international passenger terminals. Please visit The Airport Flyer.

Council is seeking potential Regular Passenger Transport operators to resume regular Toowoomba to Brisbane air services.

In 2012 Skytrans commenced flights between Toowoomba and Sydney, but terminated the services when the Brisbane West Wellcamp airport became operational in 2014

The Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport is 15 minutes west of the CBD and  services the Darling Downs region, and as well as handling domestic flights is also capable of accommodating jumbo aircrafts and international flights. This reinforces the region as a growth area. For more information please visit Qantas.


Toowoomba is serviced by local branch of the Sunbus group, one of Queensland’s largest urban bus operators. A comprehensive timetable covers the city with 6 convenient routes. For more information please visit Sunbus.


Toowoomba is also serviced by two taxi cab companies.

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