Named after Thomas Sutcliffe Mort, the Mort Estate is the first area of residential land to the west of the swamp to be sub-divided in Toowoomba.

Mort, born in Lancashire, England in 1816 arrived in Sydney Australia in February 1838.

Mort had purchased three allotments (10, 11 and 12) in 1855 of the total twelve allotments that were laid out by JC Burnett in 1849. These three allotments were then further sub-divided into a further one-hundred lots and sold off in 1862, which was to become known as the Mort Estate.

The lots varied in size from a half to three half acres.

Boulton Terrace, named after butcher Martin Boulton who had purchased subdivisions 21-24 from Mort where he further subdivided the land and built a series of terrace cottages, some of which still stand today.

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