Beautifully renovated heritage homes are a feature of Toowoomba. In newer residential areas there are many styles and sizes to choose from in a variety of bushland, parkland or estate settings.

Housing prices provide a nice surprise when compared to prices in metropolitan areas with the median house price being $228,500 (Dec 2004) and a three bedroom home rental being $200.00 per week (Dec 2004). Added to this, Toowoomba is consistently rated amongst the lowest in Queensland for retail costs in all groups.

Commuting time between home and business is minimal compared to metropolitan areas, delivering many advantages - cost savings to business, easy access to suppliers and local customers and increased staff productivity.

A trip across Toowoomba could be expected to take about 15 minutes, and if you decide to reside in an outlying rural area, 25 minutes commuting time would be average.

For more information about real estate in Toowoomba please visit the Real Estate Institute of Queensland website.

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