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  1. As our population grows and climate change bites, urban water experts say cities will have to start using treated sewage for drinking water.

  2. It seems every week there is a new scandal at a Queensland council, and despite the State Government promising a crackdown on developer donations, experts warn that could just be a band-aid solution.

  3. Queensland researchers develop a "highly accurate" online skin cancer test that in just 90 seconds will predict your risk of developing melanoma over the next three-and-a-half years.

  4. Toowoomba midwife Sonya Beutel says anecdotal evidence has shown an increase in the number of women home birthing in regional areas but the high cost barrier has led some women to consider more dangerous methods.

  5. A veteran dance coach says cheerleaders still have an important role to play in modern sport.

  6. Police raid a property on Queensland's Darling Downs, saying they have found items of interest which could be linked to the suspected murder of Brisbane man Sam Price-Purcell.

  7. Queensland police describe the statement by Peta Butler, where she says her mother told her she was going on a girls night out for her birthday but instead took her to a hotel where she'd arranged for a man to rape her.
  8. Peta Butler's mother took her to a Toowoomba hotel under the guise of celebrating her birthday, but there she arranged for a man to rape her. With her mother now in jail, police need help to find the man responsible.

  9. Vikings star Travis Fimmel will be stepping it up a level in the battle stakes when he walks onto a film set in southern Queensland next month to play real-life war hero Lieutenant Colonel Harry Smith.

  10. Nights of speed skating and couples' skates under the disco lights are relegated to history as purpose-built roller skating rinks become rarer.

  11. A plan to cut power prices for residents by $35 a year, and businesses up to $110, is described by residents as a "joke" that does not even scratch the surface of the problem.

  12. Detectives say fire at a Toowoomba childcare centre may have been lit deliberately while children were inside, because investigators found two separate fires had been burning.

  13. Homes in south-east Queensland using reticulated gas pay more than twice the national average for their supply, a review of the nation's gas pricing reveals.

  14. Along with the weather, the threat of pesticides and vandals, hive theft is yet another challenge beekeepers face but modern technology could help arrest the problem.

  15. Kat Fisher says last night's storm over Ipswich was so heavy, the first she knew of flash flooding was when water began pouring in the doors of her car, forcing her to flee with her three young children.

  16. After more than a day of heavy rain, the weather bureau cancels all severe weather warnings for south-east Queensland. Meanwhile, communities hit by cyclone-like conditions on Tuesday will receive government assistance.

  17. Torrential rain causes flooding across south-east Queensland, prompting swift water rescues and warnings ahead of more heavy falls expected this weekend.

  18. After Ruby the detector dog was made redundant from sniffing caterpillars, a new career emerged.

  19. Rescue teams pluck a man from floodwater at Maleny on the Sunshine Coast as heavy rain continues to fall along much of the state's coastline.

  20. A group of growers from Western Australia's Ord Valley travels to South Korea to see Kimberley corn processed into corn chips.

  21. As opposition to cages mounts, caged egg farmers say they see lower mortality than with free-range hens.
  22. Outback Queensland town Charleville is transformed into an apocalyptic sea of orange, as a dust storm brought on by recent dry weather and wind gusts of up to 96kph whips through region, ripping roofs from homes.

  23. As opposition to cages mounts, caged egg farmers say they see lower mortality than with free-range hens.

  24. Two men are charged with weapons offences more than a month after a five-year-old boy was shot in the face by another child on Queensland's southern downs.

  25. Demand for power reaches a record high this week as south-east Queenslanders crank up air conditioners to beat this week's unrelenting heat and humidity.

  26. Death threats, verbal abuse, and trolling — it comes with the territory when you're running a local community Facebook group.

  27. A dog rescued from a hot car by police officers poses for a selfie with his rescuers, as a 55-year-old man is charged with animal cruelty over the incident.

  28. Queenslanders need to keep calm and stay cool, avoid booze and crank up the fan, as the worst heat is set to come today as the humidity spikes after another wild storm.

  29. Parts of the state are sweating through temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius, and the weather bureau warns there will be no respite this week.

  30. Farmers are increasingly concerned as thousands of tourists stream onto their sunflower fields, destroying paddocks and crops.

  31. A court hears workers at an underground coal gasification plant in Queensland that complained of burning eyes, infections and shortness of breath were told by the company to increase their dairy intake.

  32. Temperatures across Queensland are predicted to start rising from tomorrow, with parts of the state expected to peak as high as 45 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

  33. A 123-turbine wind farm west of Brisbane won't just be the biggest renewable energy project in the southern hemisphere, it's also opening up a potential source of income for a community hit hard by drought.

  34. The Opposition will back a Greens' disallowance motion in the Senate to stop the Federal Government from changing the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

  35. A change in horticulture leadership brings out the critics as grower groups complain of lack of transparency.

  36. After cracking into the ready-made meal market, one of Australia's biggest egg producers is investing tens of millions of dollars in a new free-range egg farm to cater to increased demand for more ethical egg production.

  37. Lawyers demanding payment from drivers who overstay time limits in shopping centre car parks are operating in a grey area that is unlikely to be upheld in court, a legal expert says.

  38. Gas company Linc Energy was aware it was causing environmental damage to parts of Queensland's Western Downs, but allowed operations to continue, a District Court jury has heard.

  39. A landmark case described by a District Court judge as "unusual" will hear how gas company Linc Energy allegedly contaminated strategic cropping land causing serious environmental damage.