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  1. Channel Nine is ordered to pay a Toowoomba family more than $2 million in damages over a defamatory 60 Minutes report that alleged they were responsible for the deaths of 12 people, including two children, in the 2011 Grantham floods.

  2. Insurers are getting more than 1,000 calls a week for payouts as bushfires rage across Queensland and northern New South Wales, with an estimated $145 million in damages so far in those areas.

  3. Four homes are lost in a bushfire that has burned for 10 days in the Pechey area on Queensland's Darling Downs, with crews working to contain the fire front that is now 100 kilometres long and growing.

  4. A raft of major infrastructure projects across Queensland is set to go ahead, after a surprise deal was reached between the state and federal governments.

  5. Erratic winds and hot, dry weather are creating "horrendous conditions" for firefighters trying to battle a blaze at Crows Nest on Queensland's Darling Downs with several homes destroyed.

  6. Queensland's combined dam level capacity falls to 60 per cent in the south-east of the state for the first time in 11 years, as the first phase of the drought-response plan for the region is implemented.

  7. Volunteer firies and landholders say calls for back-burning during the bushfire emergency are met with red tape, making their ability to fight flames on the frontline "impossible" as they have to "sit and wait" for the fire front to come.

  8. Fire authorities believe homes have been lost in a major bushfire raging in the Pechey area, as they issue an emergency warning for residents in Crows Nest to leave immediately as the unpredictable blaze moves towards the town.

  9. A dangerous bushfire in Queensland's Darling Downs has escalated, with residents being told to leave immediately, while residents of Mount Lindesay, near the NSW border, have been told it is too late to leave and they must seek shelter to survive.

  10. A group of volunteer rural firefighters all aged over 70 challenge the retiree stereotype, donning firefighting gear and helping put out blazes near Woodgate during the bushfire emergency in southern Queensland.

  11. Two years after buying iconic Toowoomba ice cream brand Weis, Unilever announces it will close the brand's original 60-year-old Queensland factory and move manufacturing interstate.

  12. Ground crews and waterbombing aircraft are working to control a dangerous and fast-moving bushfire that has flared again to threaten two towns on the Darling Downs, west of Brisbane.

  13. Hundreds of men and women are working on the frontlines battling fires across Queensland, but behind every worker in the field is another person back at base making sure crews are fed, rested and supported.

  14. Police charge a teenager with starting a Central Queensland bushfire that destroyed 14 homes, as hundreds of evacuated residents wait to return to their properties after being trapped at roadblocks overnight.

  15. The pilot of a water-bombing helicopter walks away with minor injuries after crash-landing while battling a blaze at Pechey, west of Brisbane. The bushfire threat has worsened in parts of Queensland this afternoon, with more than 80 blazes burning around the state.

  16. Images and video from the scene of Queensland's fire zones capture the devastation as scores of bushfires sweep across the state's south-east and central regions.

  17. Fire crews brace for complicated wind changes expected overnight which they say will "test" containment lines and have the potential to make any new fires "erratic".

  18. Bushfire conditions in the central and south-east parts of the state are expected to worsen on Tuesday as officials predict winds to pick up, fanning dozens of flare-ups that have already forced thousands from their homes.

  19. The bushfire crisis is expected to remain volatile overnight in Queensland with one blaze at emergency level at Cobraball, while Sunshine Coast residents return to their homes as firefighters continue to keep the Cooroibah fire at bay.

  20. The Federal Government's plan to put 100 gigalitres towards animal feed raises more questions than answers for the fodder industry.

  21. More than 150 homes have been destroyed across two states as bushfires stretch rural fire service resources. Look back at how Saturday unfolded.

  22. Keen Lego creators have used millions of the tiny bricks to bring some of Queensland's most iconic locations to life while connecting communities and generations in the process.

  23. A state of emergency is declared for more than half the state as alarge, volatile bushfire on the Sunshine Coast is returned to emergency advice level for two areas near Noosa.

  24. The Kuranda Scenic Railway display is made of an estimated 250,000 Lego bricks.
  25. The NSW Rural Fire Service says there have never before been so many fires burning at emergency level across the state. Look back at Friday's events.

  26. Thousands of residents leave their homes as a large bushfire bears down on the Cooroibah area on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, with several emergency alerts issued as more than 50 bushfires burn across the state.

  27. Whether you are dealing with a noise complaint or being asked for ID, having a grasp of your basic rights when dealing with the police can help.

  28. The simple genetic "heel-prick" test for newborns is saving the lives of children in New South Wales and the ACT, but elsewhere parents say their children aren't being afforded the same chance of survival in the face of rare diseases like Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

  29. Colin Birch died in 2015 after he underwent a minor procedure for a hernia at St Vincent's Private Hospital in Toowoomba.
  30. Whistleblower doctors in New South Wales say their pleas for a serious inquiry into regional healthcare by the NSW State Government are being ignored since a damning Four Corners expose last month.

  31. A company working on the Shell-owned Queensland Gas Corporation project tells job applicants they will not be accepted until they submit to blood tests to check if they are at risk of heart attack, high cholesterol and other conditions.

  32. Up to one in three Australian women have experienced birth trauma and one in 10 women emerge from childbirth with post-traumatic stress disorder, prompting calls for a major shake-up of the maternity system.

  33. Australia's largest cotton farm Cubbie Station has opened its gates to local government councillors from across the Murray-Darling Basin.

  34. Ellie Farrington felt like she only had one option for what to do after high school — and it didn't involve learning a trade. One maths degree later, she found herself in an apprenticeship that's led to an enjoyable career.

  35. The head of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority apologises for mistakenly publishing a report that identified farms via satellite imagery, which is now subject to investigation.

  36. Sussan Ley says she believes only people who have a "connection to farming" should be allowed to own water in the Murray-Darling Basin.

  37. South Australia's capital records the highest methamphetamine use of all the cities in the world compared in a paper based on wastewater samples, but a researcher says initiatives to tackle this problem have had an effect.

  38. Drought-stricken Queensland farmers are worried about where their underground water is going as a new report questions the impact of a controversial coal mine.

  39. The Murray-Darling Basin Authority will be investigated over its release of satellite images appearing to show dams filling with water, which David Littleproud labelled "premature" and "incorrect".

  40. The Federal Government is falling short on its own commitment to boost funding for services to keep Australia free from pests and disease.

  41. The wine industry emerges from a decade-long grape glut, with exports playing a big role in the sector's turnaround.

  42. The battle between Turkey and Syria may be 13,000 kilometres from Toowoomba, but the effect of the war is being anxiously felt by the Queensland city's new Kurdish community.

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