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  1. Apprentice rider Zoe White is handed a six-month disqualification for failing to comply with a direction to stand down for 14 days and self-quarantine.

  2. How to turn your backyard into a tranquil retreat during the coronavirus crisis
  3. How to turn your backyard into a tranquil retreat during the coronavirus crisis
  4. ABC gardening guru Tom Wyatt uses gardening as a stress reliever and has these tips on turning your backyard into a tranquil retreat.

  5. If there is anything good to come out of the coronavirus pandemic, it could be that rural Australians end up better connected to essential and recreational services than ever before.

  6. Many Australians want governments to start releasing specific locations of coronavirus cases, but doctors warn privacy could be breached.

  7. Air medical services are urgently trying to access more helicopters and planes in preparation to evacuate coronavirus patients from country areas to city hospitals.

  8. Results from Queensland's elections on Saturday send a warning shot to the Deputy Premier and the Opposition Leader, as the community reacts to the coronavirus pandemic.

  9. Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate retain office as LNP mayoral candidate Teresa Harding declares victory in Ipswich.

  10. If you're going to be stuck inside for the foreseeable future, these stereotype-smashing Queensland men might have the inspiration you need.

  11. With only a small percentage of the votes counted and no clear results in Queensland's local government and by-elections, concerns have also been raised about the low voter turnout with suggestions up to 800,000 may not have voted.

  12. Radhika and Krishnapriya Bhardwaj swap their classrooms for the kitchen of their Toowoomba family home, to cook meals for those on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis.

  13. An election day coloured by coronavirus social isolation rules raised tension and dissention among Queensland voters, with many saying the poll should have been postponed while candidates opt for video parties instead of election night celebrations.

  14. At least three altercations erupt at polling booths in Brisbane today as more than 1 million Queenslanders headed out to vote in a local government election day unlike any other.

  15. The wife of Toowoomba man Garry Kirstenfeldt, who died this week from COVID-19, and two of his four children are preparing for a funeral that they cannot attend.

  16. Health and disability organisations call governments to make sure people living with intellectual disabilities aren't overlooked during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  17. Queensland restricts its borders and urges people to "stay in your suburb" but is also pushing ahead with Saturday's elections in the midst of the pandemic. The State Government says the risk is low compared to activities like grocery shopping, but some scientists and doctors have raised concerns.

  18. A Queensland man who was infected with coronavirus while aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship that docked in Sydney last week dies in hospital.

  19. Church buildings may be empty across the country, but congregations are still receiving the word as services go online.

  20. Australia won't run out of things to eat and drink, and shoppers have no reason to panic about any shortages as a result of coronavirus, food growers and manufacturers say.

  21. As schools remain open throughout the country, Queensland's Education Minister welcomes the plan to cancel NAPLAN testing due to the coronavirus emergency.

  22. Catholic church services are suspended across much of Queensland and Anglican services across southern Queensland, as church leaders move to protect parishioners from the threat of coronavirus.

  23. As uncertainty over COVID-19 swirls, worried parents are bringing students home early to farms and outback stations.

  24. Homeschool "professionals" provide tips on how to homeschool if schools do close due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  25. Australian scientists find weedkiller chemical, glyphosate โ€” the active ingredient in Roundupโ€” has contaminated soil around the globe.

  26. Livestock industries are not immune to the threat of coronaviruses, but experts say the risk of the COVID-19 strain passing to animals remains low.

  27. The Government waives $715 million worth of fees and charges for domestic airlines, as Australia's aviation industry buckles from the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

  28. The cotton industry is having a long, hard look at itself, after a survey finds that most urban Australians have negative perceptions about the crop.

  29. The latest report into the Murray-Darling Basin Plan says rapid change and uncertainty are resulting in sharp falls in investment and a loss of confidence within communities.

  30. A cyclone in the Coral Sea has helped to ease widespread coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef, an expert says, after the marine park weathers its hottest month of sea temperatures on record.

  31. Experts say the effect of doctor and nurse shortages will be amplified if an outbreak of coronavirus occurs in regional Australia, where long wait times for GPs and stretched hospitals are a common part of life.

  32. Queensland's chief health officer warns up to a quarter of the state's population could contract coronavirus within the next six months.

  33. A farmer on Queensland's Darling Downs says his own hydrogeological testing confirms that data recorded by a coal-seam gas company about groundwater is incorrect.

  34. Rain normally spells trouble for Australia's hay industry, but export producers are feeling buoyed by overseas demand.

  35. The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding children until they're two years old or beyond, but as my child has grown bigger I'm finding it makes people uncomfortable.

  36. Ineffective compliance management and failures of legislative function are just some of the criticisms levelled in a new audit of CSG regulation in Queensland.

  37. Queensland dairy farmers who have survived deregulation and dollar-a-litre milk are finally being paid closer to their break-even point by all but one major processor.

  38. The Janetzki family household is packed to the rafters with toilet paper after accidentally placing an online order for 2,304 rolls instead of their usual 48, weeks before coronavirus sent the country into a toilet paper-buying panic.

  39. The best rainfall in years has given croppers a golden opportunity for sowing, but they are being warned that coronavirus is causing a shortage of popular weedkillers.

  40. The list of people vying for your vote in the local government elections across Queensland on March 28 is released and includes a former One Nation leader, a Bachelorette contestant and a Palm Island protester.

  41. Police find skeletal remains at the Chinchilla Weir in southern Queensland as part of the investigation into the suspected death of a missing child.

  42. The Queensland Law Society, mining companies, and the mother of a seriously injured mine worker are concerned a proposed law, which carries a maximum jail term of 20 years, would create a culture of fear in mining operations.

  43. The prolonged drought followed by recent rains creates a butterfly breeding frenzy across South East Queensland.

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