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  1. Twenty-one vehicles have rolled over during the construction of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, in the rush to build the $1.6 billion road project, the CFMEU says.

  2. Queensland is preparing for the hottest Ekka week since 1946, with unseasonably warm temperatures also causing buds to bloom too early for Toowoomba's Carnival of Flowers.

  3. The mango and cream bar has been their best seller in Australia for six decades and now Weis is expanding its global reach after being bought out by international consumer goods giant Unilever.

  4. Another winter scorcher is on the way for south-east Queensland, with temperatures to hit 30 degrees Celsius in Brisbane next week on the back of last month's record hot weather.

  5. A regional airline says prices could rise if regional airports are forced to boost security checks.

  6. The pub is gone and all remains is dirt roads and a few homes. This is Baking Board — a tiny locality that is home to the highest percentage of "ordinary" Australians, according to Census data.

  7. Residents of the tiny outback town of Thallon in south-west Queensland refuse to let their community die, with a giant wombat and colourful grain silos all part of their plan to attract new tourists.

  8. Eighteen fast-charging stations will be installed around Queensland to create a "super highway" to allow electric vehicles to travel from the Gold Coast to Cairns.

  9. China temporarily bans beef imports from six Australian meatworks, the Federal Government confirms.

  10. It's 30 metres high and took 500 litres of paint to create. Is this Queensland's biggest artwork?

  11. A cat missing for three months in outback Queensland is reunited with its family thanks to a local vet and travellers.

  12. The first northern hairy-nosed wombat joey to be born in captivity in five years emerges from its mother's pouch at a Queensland nature refuge, providing hope for the survival of the endangered species.

  13. Queensland Indigenous students create a series of songs and music videos to share their pride in their culture.

  14. Queensland’s peak horticulture lobby group, Growcom says emotion should be taken out of the debate over the Australian farm worker scheme so areas of need can be addressed properly. The mother of murdered British backpacker Mia Ayliffe-Chung is in Australia to lobby for reform to the program that requires tourists to work in rural areas for 88 days to extend their visa for a second year. 21-year-old Mia and another UK traveller were stabbed to death at a Home Hill hostel while doing farm work in north Queensland in August. Growcom’s chief advocate Rachel Mackenzie says the industry is working with the government to achieve a nationally-consistent approach to labour market reforms, but that was a separate issue to the allegations aired in the Australian Story episode. "These backpackers were killed by a French National in a backpacker hostel and this could have happened anywhere in the world. It's not specific to Home Hill. They were not killed on a farm. They were not killed by a farm worker so we have to be very careful that we separate the fact from the emotion," she told the Queensland Country Hour. Ms Mackenzie conceded there were some ‘strong arguments for reform’ of the accommodation sector, in particular the actions of some hostel operators in promising seasonal farm work which may or may not be available.
  15. About 450 residents are seeking up to $200 million in damages from theDefence Department over the contamination of soil and water by toxic firefighting foam used at the Oakey Army Aviation Centre in south-east Queensland.

  16. E10 OK. Maybe you've passed a billboard recently or maybe seen a television advertisement urging motorists to check the compatability of their vehicles to ethanol-blended fuel? So far, the multi-million dollar campaign has generated more than half a million hits to its website and prompted a 30 per cent spike in E10 sales. But is it enough demand to drive future growth in the biofuels industry. Queensland's Minister for Energy, Biofuels and Water Supply Mark Bailey says it's a positive start; and Charlie McKillop heads to her local service station to find out if the 'E10 OK' message is cutting through at the bowser.
  17. Environmental activists reject the call for states that don't develop their own reserves to be penalised by getting a smaller share of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). National coordinator of the Lock the Gate Alliance Carmel Flint said it was an extraordinary attempt by the mining and resources sector to undermine the "democratic distribution of our taxes". Ms Flint said the biggest consumers of gas were the three major LNG plants at Gladstone, owned by multinational companies intent on sending the product offshore to the detriment of domestic supply.
  18. Lock the Gate Alliance says states that have responded to community concern about the long-term environmental impacts of gas expansion should be applauded, not penalised.

  19. Cutting GST distribution would send a powerful message to states not prepared to develop their own gas reserves, according to the Queensland Resources Council.

  20. Biosecurity authorities vow not to give up the fight to eradicate imported red fire ants, after the discovery of a new nest on the Sunshine Coast.

  21. National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication program director Geoff Kent said the discovery of another nest, about 70 kilometres outside of the existing fire ant biosecurity zone, was well beyond the natural distribution distance of a fire ant spread, with human actions most likely to blame. But he did not sense any weakening of the resolve to rid the Australian landscape of the imported red fire ant, as federal and state agriculture ministers prepare to meet on July 26.
  22. South-east Queensland's above-average winter temperatures will plummet as a cold snap begins to hit the region on Friday, with some places forecast to drop below 0 degrees Celsius, the Bureau of Meteorology says.

  23. A 50 per cent increase in data allowances in peak periods and a doubling of off-peak data on the Sky Muster satellite network has been universally welcomed by rural and regional lobby groups, which have long argued for an end to the data drought. Regional Communications Minister Fiona Nash announced the new maximum monthly data limit of 300GB (peak and off-peak) would apply from October, compared with the existing cap of 75GB.
  24. A doubling of data allowances in peak periods on the Sky Muster satellite network is welcomed by rural and regional lobby groups.

  25. Long-time ABC gardening talkback expert, Toowoomba's Rod Hultgren, has been remembered as a passionate gardener with an encyclopaedic knowledge of plants.

  26. Advocates say new legislation to guarantee access to broadband services for all premises should not imperil fixed line services.

  27. The LNP denies it has called for federal back-up to boost the party's popularity in regional Queensland seats ahead of the next election.

  28. A mental health service is urging the police community to be "vigilant" following a spate of tragedies impacting the Queensland Police Service in recent weeks.

  29. A central Queensland woman is spending her estate while she is living to make the dreams of young rural and remote students come true.

  30. The Queensland Government may have budgeted $5.2 million to boost development in rural communities, but agricultural groups have decried the overall outlay as "very beige", not proactive and lacking vision.

  31. A drug commonly prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis and is not available in Australia for perispinal injection has been found to be useful and only available in Florida.

  32. A new program supporting young innovators in regional Australia is launched by the ABC and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

  33. Queensland might have lost on the footy field last week, but the state's been quick to bounce back by winning the annual Water of Origin competition.

  34. A Guard of Honour made up of hundreds of past and present Queensland police officers line a Toowoomba street as part of the farewell to Senior Constable Brett Forte, who was shot dead by a gunman late last month.

  35. Representatives of police agencies from across Australia and as far away as America will be among the 5,000 people expected to attend this morning's funeral for Senior Constable Brett Forte, who was killed in the line of duty in Toowoomba late last month.

  36. Senior Constable Brett Forte will be farewelled in Queensland's largest police funeral in six years, with streets in Toowoomba to be closed for a guard of honour on Wednesday.

  37. A farmers' market owner fears consumers will lose the ability to buy local if they do not change shopping habits.

  38. Ten lung cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy at Toowoomba Hospital were administered half-strength doses of the drug, but the Health Minister insists it was not a mistake.

  39. Canadian authorities find the body of a Toowoomba man missing for four days after a canoeing accident.

  40. Candice Hedge, one of three Australians injured in a terror attack in London, was trying to hide from one of the terrorists when he spotted her, doubled back and stabbed her in the throat, family members tell the ABC.

  41. Queensland police confronted cop killer Rick Maddison with their best tactical defence equipment, but even that took a battering as the gunman fired upon officers with a high-powered weapon.

  42. The family of Rick Maddison, who gunned down Senior Constable Brett Forte earlier this week, says his actions "cannot be excused" and are unlikely to ever be fully understood.

  43. The ambush killing of Queensland policeman Brett Forte will be in the minds of officers called out to jobs, the union says, as the probe into his death and that of gunman Rick Maddison continues.

  44. More chilling details emerge about the fatal shooting of a 37-year-old policeman and the subsequent siege with 40-year-old Rick Maddison, west of Brisbane.