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Toowoomba is renowned for world class gardens, attractive parks and tree-lined streets. Positioned on the Great Dividing Range at an altitude of more than 700 metres means that Toowoomba experiences a mild and pleasant climate for most of the year.


Toowoomba's climate is characterised by a dry winter and wet summer with four distinct seasons. Much less humidity is experienced in Toowoomba when compared with its coastal neighbours.

Summer day averages range from 16.6 to 27.6 (degrees Celsius), and winter day averages range from 5.3 to 16.3 (degrees Celsius).

Toowoomba's monthly average weather:

  J F M A M J J A S O N D
Temp Max (C) 27.6 26.6 25.5 22.9 19.6 16.9 16.3 17.9 20.9 23.7 26.0 27.5
Temp Max (C) 16.6 16.6 15.4 12.3 9.1 6.3 5.3 6.0 8.5 11.5 13.8 15.7
Rain (mm) 132.5 122.7 94.8 62.6 59.2 56.8 52.7 39.8 47.2 72.4 89.5 120.3
Rainy Days 12 11 11 8 8 7 7 6 7 8 10 11

 (Source: Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology).

For more information about Toowoomba's weather, visit the Facts & Figures page. If you would like to know the current temperature in Toowoomba, go to

Parks and Nature

With more than 240 public parks and gardens, and more than 6,300 hectares of open space, Toowoomba really is Queensland's Garden City. Be amazed as Mother Nature showcases an unrivalled display of dazzling beauty.

In spring the gardens are an extravaganza of colour as the City celebrates the Carnival of Flowers. January's long warm days bring out the summer blooms and the city is once again a sea of vibrant colour. Autumn is marked by the red and gold foliage displays of the many deciduous trees, and winter allows the crisp clean air to invigorate and refresh the spirit.

For more information about our beautiful parks visit the Toowoomba City Coucil's website:

There are an amazing array of bush walking trails throughout Toowoomba. From the more challenging hikes through escarpment parks and mountain ranges, to a stroll through the well-paved parks and bikeways - all recreational needs are catered for.

For more information about our pathways and walks, visit the Toowoomba City Council's website:

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