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Toowoomba Map

Toowoomba Flag

Toowoomba Flag

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Air Temperature: 25.8°C
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First Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon

Age: 5 day old

Zodiac: Aquarius

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Diverse optical fibre routes meet with all Australian capital cities and regional areas. This optical fibre network also provides for diversity to all three major international optical fibre cables leaving Australia, as well as the two principal satellite earth stations.


Toowoomba and the surrounding areas enjoy coverage by five television stations, as well as pay television. A host of radio stations broadcast in both AM and FM frequencies, and Toowoomba's local paper ( is published daily - except Sunday. Interstate and national papers are also delivered daily.


Many internet providers are represented in Toowoomba, offering local call access. Toowoomba is also serviced by a highly reliable and super fast business-grade broadband service.

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