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  1. Gale-force wind brings start of south-east Queensland cold snap

    South-east Queensland is lashed with gale-force winds overnight, cutting power to tens of thousands, as temperatures plummet across the state.

  2. Remains found with noose identified as missing man

    Human remains found on a property west of Brisbane belong to Darrell Simon, who was reported missing in 2014, police confirm.

  3. Truckie drug-driving hotspots revealed

    The number of truck drivers caught drug-driving in Queensland has more than doubled between 2011 and 2015, according to figures obtained by the ABC.

  4. WA outside national scheme to deregulate Johne's disease in cattle

    From July 1, a majority of Australian states will deregulate the control of Johne's disease in cattle, but Western Australia may continue to restrict imports of livestock.

  5. Farming in 2030: Researchers cast the net for the next generation of farmers

    Farming in 2030: Meet the next generation of farmers and sign up for the ride.

  6. Linc Energy's Qld plant built using 'unsafe and illegal' equipment: former engineer

    Linc Energy's underground coal gasification plant in Queensland was built using cheap, unsafe and illegal equipment, a former engineer at the company claims.

  7. Heavy rain drenches Qld, causes flash flooding in NSW

    Heavy rain drenches central and southern Queensland and floods roads in Brisbane, as a major weather system barrels south and intensifies over New South Wales.

  8. Queensland urged to prepare for damaging storms, flooding

    Queenslanders are being urged to prepare for damaging storms and flash flooding over the weekend, with the heaviest rainfall expected on Sunday.

  9. Geiger Electrical to lose 45 staff amid Ergon, Energex merger

    A regional electrical company says the State Government's decision to merge Ergon and Energex has forced it to sack a third of its workforce.

  10. Heavy rain, flash flooding predicted across Queensland: BoM

    Queenslanders are urged to prepare for heavy rain and possible flash flooding over the weekend, but the Bureau of Meteorology says those downpours will not last long.

  11. Professor Roger Stone, director of the International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences at USQ.

  12. Professor Roger Stone discusses the new Queensland Drought Mitigation Centre with Arlie Felton-Taylor

    Professor Roger Stone speaks to Arlie Felton-Taylor about the new Queensland Drought Mitigation Centre.
  13. Queensland Government invests in new drought centre

    A new centre focused on improving seasonal outlooks gets a large slice of Queensland budget funding aimed at helping primary producers better prepare for drought.

  14. Rural lobby group steps up fight against new tree clearing laws

    Agforce targets marginal seats to pressure the Queensland Government to back down on its proposed new tree clearing laws.

  15. Dr Allison Crook, Wallace Gunthorpe, and Brian Tessman discuss a new approach to managing the incurable bacterial wasting disease, Bovine Johne's disease.

    Queensland chief vet Dr Allison Crook, BJD Action Coalition's Wallace Gunthorpe, and Queensland Dairyfarmer's Organisation's Brian Tessman discuss a new approach to managing Bovine Johne's disease, which begins July 1, 2016.
  16. Livestock and dairy groups at odds over new approach to BJD

    The Queensland Government adopts a controversial new approach to managing Bovine Johne's disease (BJD).

  17. Cattle prices continue record run with breeders the winners in the market

    Cattle breeders are winners in the record price territory for young cattle, while cattle feedlots complain of tight margins.

  18. Man jailed for six years over grappa deaths

    A man is jailed for six years after his son and two friends died after drinking grappa he made using industrial strength weedkiller.

  19. APPEA Queensland director Chris Lamont says his sector needs more funding for exploration

    Chris Lamont, a Queensland director of APPEA, said the lack of funding for exploration is an issue.
  20. QRC chief Michael Roche says he wanted more funding in the budget for exploration

    Queensland Resources Council chief executive Michael Roche said the budget had some positives but the Government's response to industry reform needs to be swifter.
  21. Resources sector says Queensland budget lacks funding for exploration

    The Queensland resources sector welcomes the positives of the Palaszczuk Government's 2016-17 budget, but says key areas like exploration and swifter action on reforms is needed.

  22. Man guilty of manslaughter over home-brew grappa deaths

    A southern Queensland man is found guilty of manslaughter over three deaths linked to a home-brewed grappa he made in 2013.

  23. More Roma flood mitigation work planned

    The Maranoa Regional Council is preparing to start a second round of flood mitigation works in Roma, in southern Queensland, to protect more than 50 homes.

  24. Public gallery weeps during character references at 'lethal grappa' trial

    A witness and members of the public gallery break down in the Supreme Court trial of a man charged with making home brewed grappa which allegedly killed his son and his two friends at a property in southern Queensland.

  25. Gyms becoming key outlet for supply of drugs in Queensland: CCC

    Organised crime groups are infiltrating gyms and fitness clubs to expand the distribution and supply of illicit drugs, the Crime and Corruption Commission says.

  26. Farmers call for clarity on proposed backpacker tax changes

    Australian Tax Office has moved to clarify backpacker tax arrangements, now confirming that controversial tax increases will not begin in July.

  27. New political party wants the bush back on the agenda

    Disillusionment with the major political parties is behind the creation of one of Australia's newest political parties.

  28. CountryMinded chairman Pete Mailler will stand for the senate in 2016.

  29. CountryMinded chairman Pete Mailler discusses the launch of the new political party

    CountryMinded chairman Pete Mailler explains why rural Australia needs alternatives to the major political parties.
  30. Indigenous name for second range crossing wins Lockyer support

    Lockyer Valley council has endorsed a proposal to name the second range crossing in southern Queensland after local Aboriginal warrior Multuggerah.

  31. Homemade grappa 'only drink consumed' by three men who died in Ballandean

    Three men who died after drinking homemade grappa had not drunk anything else at the southern Queensland property that could have led to their methanol poisoning, the Supreme Court in Toowoomba hears.

  32. Wagyu exporter Matt Edwards said the trade with Japan in limbo

  33. Wagyu exporter Matt Edwards said the ban of live trade to Japan is a huge disruption to his business.

    Wagyu exporter Matt Edwards said with his cattle due to be shipped next week, he wants a swift resumption to the Japanese trade.
  34. Wagyu exporter hopes Japanese live trade will resume soon

    With the live cattle trade to Japan temporarily suspended, Wagyu feeder exporter Matt Edwards is hoping for a swift resumption to business as he has a ship due to load next week.

  35. Lethal batch of grappa 'not diluted' by four victims

    A father who made a two-litre batch of grappa which allegedly killed his son and his two friends thought the group had not added enough water to dilute the brew, the Supreme Court in Toowoomba hears.

  36. Environmental impact of Coopers Gap wind farm to be probed

    The environmental impact of a proposal to develop Queensland's largest wind farm will be conducted over the next six months.

  37. South Burnett council to finish abandoned housing estate

    South Burnett Regional Council has invested more than $2 million to complete an unfinished housing estate in the Kingaroy region in southern Queensland.

  38. Alyssa Azar welcomed home at Toowoomba after Mount Everest climb

    Alyssa Azar gets a hero's welcome home at Toowoomba after becoming the youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest.

  39. Farmers and graziers in southern and central Queensland have measured varied totals after the weekend rain

    Some have missed out completely, others have had just enough and some recorded 'good soaking rain', so patchy was the rainfall in inland Queensland.
  40. Wild weather brings mixed blessings to Queensland farmers

    Wet and windy weather causes large areas of cane to fall over in Queensland's southern sugar region, but rain is welcomed by inland graziers.

  41. Man pleads not guilty following home brew tragedy

    William Neil Clarence Lynam pleads not guilty over a 2013 home brew tragedy that left three men dead, including one of his sons, and another with partial blindness.

  42. Most stakeholders welcome the funding for the biofuels industry from the Queensland Government but debate remains over ethanol mandate level.

    Biofuels sector welcomes Queensland Government's $20 million to make the state a 'biofutures hub' but further debate from other interest groups surrounds the level of the state's ethanol mandate.
  43. Qld Government funding aimed at creating a 'biofutures hub'

    The Queensland Government said the funding will help make the state a "biofutures hub" by supporting industry development and creating jobs.

  44. Grappa poisoning the family of Bryan Wilmot

  45. Police crack down on southern Qld 'ice' trafficking

    Police have laid 117 charges after a drug operation across south and south-west Queensland focusing on methylamphetamine trafficking.

  46. Debate rages as chemical giant Monsanto marks 20 years of GM crops in Australia

    Growers debate the merits of GM as Monsanto claims genetically modified cotton and canola have generated an extra $1.4 billion for farmers.

  47. Coal waste contractor to Queensland power station faces claims of unpaid debts

    A company under contract to a Queensland Government-owned corporation is facing a wind-up application in the Supreme Court and allegations of misusing coal waste.

  48. Oakey residents fear town water supply tainted

    There are growing fears in the southern Queensland Darling Downs community of Oakey that chemicals in the town's groundwater have also affected the town water supply.

  49. Power price hike: Qld Energy Minister Mark Bailey and Canegrowers CEO Dan Galligan

    Queensland rural lobby groups say electricity price hikes of more than 10 per cent this year will spell doom for the agriculture sector. While admitting the price jump was more significant than he would have liked, the Queensland Energy Minister Mark Bailey defends his Government's role while Canegrower's chief executive Dan Galligan continues his call for tariff reform.
  50. Queensland irrigators hit by power price hike

    Queensland rural lobby groups say electricity price hikes of more than 10 per cent this year will spell doom for the agriculture sector.